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Da Robert Baden-Powell døde i kenya i 1941, efterlod han sig en sidste besked til såvel drengespejderne som pigespejderne. Dette er hans sidste besked til pigespejderne:

My Dear Guides

This is just a farewell note to you.

It is just to remind you when I have passed on, that your business in life is to be happy and to make others happy. That sounds comfortable and easy, doesn’t it? You begin making other people happy by doing good turns to them. You need not worry about making yourselves happy, as you will very soon find that comes by itself, when you make other people happy. Later on, when you have a home of your own by making it a bright and cheery one, you will make your husband a happy man…. It may mean hard work for you, but will bring its reward. If you keep your children healthy, clean and busy, they will be happy. Happy children love their parents. There is nothing that can give you greater joy than a loving child.

I am sure God means us to be happy in this life. He has given us a world to live in that is full of beauties and wonders and He has given us not only eyes to see them but minds to understand them if we only have the sense to look at them in that light. We can enjoy bright sunshine and glorious views. We can see beauty in the flowers. We can watch with wonder how the seed produces the young plant which grows to a flower which in its turn will replace other flowers as they die off. For, though plants, like people, die, their race does not die away, but new ones are born, and grow to carry on the Creator’s plan.

So, do you see, you are the chosen servants of God in two ways; first to carry on the race, to bring children into the world to replace the men and women who pass away; secondly, to bring happiness into the world by making homes and by being yourselves good, cheery comrades for your husbands and children. That is where as Guides especially come in, by taking an interest in your husband’s work and aspirations, you can help him with your sympathy and suggestions and so be a guide to him. Also, by strengthening and training the minds and characters of your children, you will be giving them better use and enjoyment of life.

By giving out love and happiness in this way you will gain for yourself the return love of husband and children, and there is nothing better in this world. You will find that Heaven is not the kind of happiness somewhere up in the skies after you are dead, but right here and now in this world in your own home.

So GUIDE others to happiness and you will bring happiness to yourselves and by doing this you will be doing what God wants of you.

GOD be with you.

Baden-Powell of Gilwell

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