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Nederlandsk vs. hollandsk

We are fully aware that the official name of the country is Koninkrijk der Nederlanden and should be named 'Nederlandene' in danish. In official context it is so. However - most danes (not 55%, merely 99%) refer to the country and the language as 'Holland' and 'Hollandsk'. We had the discussion before at Brugerdiskussion:Laketown, and as the 3 of us are active at danish Wikipedia, we follow the habit of common danish language. We have nothing against the official term, but as it is seldom used in danish, we stuck to the common terms to keep the text fluent and familiar to the young danes. At wikipedia, we had several long discussions ([1]) ending up as described.

However - I do not see any problems using both terms when we, as here, are in 'official or semiofficial area'. Let's see if there is other opinions. --Med spejderhilsen Jørgen - men kald mig bare Kyk (Diskussion) 28. jan 2014, 23:12 (CET)

I just followed da.wikipedia Nederlandsk (sprog) and its diskussion. It's not a bad idea to use a somewhat unusual word to emphasize that you mean the language in this article. --Egel (diskussion) 29. jan 2014, 18:22 (CET)