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Automatic redirects?

This post is in English as I'm hoping for a wider audience. Sorry.
Anyways; I was trying to create a redirect tonight, following Jørgens creation of the splendid article Spejdernes Hjælpekorps. I figured that some unfortunate scout might miss that page simply because she or he wouldn't think to start both words with Capital Letters, so I sought to create the redirect Spejdernes hjælpekorps, as I've done a gajillion times on Wikipedia. However, my browser kept sending me directly to the article (Spejdernes Hjælpekorps), even though I very thoroughly typed "Spejdernes hjælpekorps" in SpejderWiki's search box (in the upper right corner). Only by changing the url directly in the navigation bar (I'm on Chrome, if that helps any) did I arrive at the expected "This page does not exist..." Much the same page, by the way, as the one you'll find by clicking the red link above (which I've left in it's current red state, so as not to obscure the "problem" before anyone can verify my claims).
Now my question is: does anyone know if the software is able to handle such redirects automatically (I believe this might be a new feature - at least to me) - or is Chrome simply getting smarter? Or is there maybe some explanation I'm completely unaware of? Regards, --Medic (diskussion) 21. dec 2014, 23:07 (CET)

I have tried in IE, Firefox and two different safaris. All 4 gave me automagic redirection to the article, though your red link worked fine as a page-starter. --Med spejderhilsen Jørgen - men kald mig bare Kyk (Diskussion) 22. dec 2014, 17:07 (CET)

So , you got the exact same result I did, in different browsers. Now we only need to figure out if this is, indeed, intended - and enjoy the new feature :-) Thanks for testing the "problem"! --Medic (diskussion) 22. dec 2014, 18:51 (CET)