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Thank you for your assistance yet once again, Egel. One comment - I believe there's no problem with you communicating solely in english. It seems as though your danish reply there is machine translated... And unfortunately it's lost some meaning in the proces. Also, most danes (end certainly the currently active users on SpejderWiki) speak english well enough that you don't need to go to the trouble of translating. Kind regards, --Medic 21. jun 2013, 22:42 (CEST)


Hi again. I was wondering if you might be able to help us put Lejrbålet on the sidebar - as it is in english, for instance - as it is our main discussion area? Regards, --Medic 17. aug 2013, 12:28 (CEST)

Thank you :-) --Medic 18. aug 2013, 00:10 (CEST)

Admin election

Hi. I was wondering if you might take a look at the admin election - especially as I'm not sure if you're aware that you've been asked to oversee the election and conclude which (if any) users should be nominated for the post of administrator(s)? Kind regards, --Medic (diskussion) 1. jan 2015, 16:20 (CET)

He will see to it shortly. I have asked on his nl:page--Med spejderhilsen Jørgen - men kald mig bare Kyk (Diskussion) 1. jan 2015, 20:48 (CET)

Ah, sorry. Hadn't checked that far. My bad. --Medic (diskussion) 1. jan 2015, 22:56 (CET)