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Lady B-P's sidste ord til spejderne

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Efter et aktivt spejderliv med mange rejser verden rundt, fik Lady B-P konstateret sukkersyge i 1970 og lægerne forbød hende at rejse mere. Hun efterlod sig ved sin død i 1977 en sidste besked til spejderne:

Dear Guides, Scouts, Cubs and Brownies and all their leaders and friends.

I shall have left this world when you receive this message, which I leave to express my thanks for all the kindnesses and the affection shown to me, and to say how greatly I have rejoiced over the way in which you have all carried out your shave of the work of the Movement that my beloved husband invented, for the advancement of boys and girls of all countries, years, ago. I have firm belief in Almighty God and in the life in the world to come, when he and I will be reunited, and together we shall watch over you who have been enrolled as members of this world family, and go on caring for your progress and your well being. I trust that you will continue fully to use the system of work and play that our Movement provides, keeping up the fun and the friendships made at your meetings and in camps, abiding by the Promise and upholding the Laws that you undertook to live by when you joined up.

In that way you will not only advance yourself in body, mind and spirit, but you will affect those around you, in doing what is honourable and right and wise, and in giving out kindness of thought and action, thus striving against all ills and helping to make the world a happier and a better place in which to live.

I trust you will be successful in all your tasks, and may God be with you all in the coming years.

12th November. 1971

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