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Lejrbålet/Login trouble

Today I've tried guiding a couple of new editors through the process of creating a new user. Unfortunately, this proved rather problematic, as we repeatedly got an error message. I believe the only possible flaw I can think of may have been the inclusion of numbers in the user name (as in "TestName123"). Would anyone have any idea if there's trouble with the code, the servers or something else - or if numbers do indeed cause problems? --Medic 1. aug 2013, 09:23 (CEST)

The AbuseFilter extension is installed on da. You can have a look at the filters here: Speciel:AbuseLog. The most important reason for having not much spam on this ScoutWiki is that some "classes" of usernames, often used by spambots, are not possible. But you are free to change it when there is an admin elected. --Egel 8. aug 2013, 15:38 (CEST)

Thank you. That's exactly it. I've found the user names in question in the log. It's regrettable that we need those filters due to spam. I believe that we should eventually strive to do away with them, as (in this instance) these filters almost cost us a couple of editors. However, until we have more admins to handle this spam problem I realise that the filters are necessary. So - thank you for providing us an explanation to the problem. Regards, --Medic 8. aug 2013, 21:44 (CEST)