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Robert Baden-Powell/tale WSJ 4 Ungarn

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Robert Baden-Powells farveltale til Spejderne på 4. verdensjamboree i Ungarn 1933 [1]:

My brothers. Those of you, who were at the last jamboree in England, will remember how the Golden Arrow was handed out to each country as a symbol of good-will, flying forth to all the ends of the earth through the Brotherhood of Scouting.

"Now at Godollo, we have another symbol. Each of you wears the badge of the White Stag of Hungary. I want you to treasure that badge when you go from here and to remember that, like the Golden Arrow, it also has its message and meaning for you.

"The Hungarian hunters of old pursued this miraculous stag, not because they expected to kill it, but because it led them on in the joy of the chase to new trails and fresh adventures and so to capture happiness.

"You can look on that White Stag as the pure spirit of Scouting, springing forward and, ever leading you onward and upward over difficulties, to face new adventures in active pursuit of the higher aims of Scouting — aims which bring you happiness.

Those aims are to do your duty whole-hearted to God, to your country and to your fellow-men by carrying out the Scout Law. That way you will, each one of you, be helping to bring about God's kingdom upon earth — the reign of peace and good-will.

— Therefore, before leaving. you, I ask you this question — Will you do your best to make friendship with others and peace in the world?"

Frit oversat til dansk

Hver af jer bærer mærket med Ungarns hvide hjort. Jeg vil gerne have at I værdsætter det mærke når I tager herfra, og husker at det - ligesom den gyldne pil (mærket fra den 3. verdensjamboree, red.) - har et budskab og en betydning for jer.

De gamle ungarske jægere forfulgte den mytiske hjort, ikke fordi de ville dræbe den, men fordi jagten førte dem til nye områder og nye oplevelser, og på den måde opnåede de lykken. I kan betragte den hvide hjort som den ægte spejderånd, der springer fremad, og stedse fører jer frem og over besværligheder for at møde nye oplevelser i jeres aktive higen efter de højere mål i spejderarbejdet - mål, der bringer jer lykke. Disse